Saturday is my favorite day of the week for variety of reasons. First of all, of course, it is the weekend and there is no work for many people, which brings a great opportunity to meet with family and friends or simply catch up with your daily routines and projects. Brunches are also on top of the list of my favorite outings of the weekend. The simple idea of breakfast in the late morning or early afternoon excites me like a child waking up on Christmas morning. Saturdays are also a great day for farmers markets explorations, spend hours in your favorite café or even at home reading a great book, organizing and cleaning up around the house (it’s weird but I actually enjoy this part greatly, being an organized freak), and simply having the freedom to do whatever with your day because there is no schedule and no rush and the day is yours! In today’s case, I slept in and woke up cuddled up next to my husband (which is by far my favorite part of the weekend), and I find something powerful in waking up slowly, stretching in bed, and letting your body wake up before starting your day. Weekdays tend to be the kind of mornings when you shut the alarm off (after several times of hitting the snooze button) and rush through your morning in an attempt to arrive at work/school/gym (or whatever is waiting for you) looking presentable and ready to go. We then had a late breakfast/brunch at one of my favorite places in Dubai-Baker and Spice-an organic cafe filled with delicious foods and products made from locally grown produce and freshly prepared every morning. If you are ever in UAE or Kuwait or London (which is where they have branches and perhaps other places), I highly recommend a visit. You will not be disappointed. And the coffee…well I can still smell the aroma as I write this. The rest of the day will be filled with spending time with in-laws and going for a jog in the evening when the sun is low and the sky is filled with orangy/red/pinkish colors (another favorite). I love Dubai sunsets!

I hope you enjoy Saturdays as much as I do!

Things I am thankful for: online resources for just about anything you need, homemade granola and yogurt for breakfast, delicious café latte, Saturday morning cuddles with my husband, and fresh flowers in the house.

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