Why Should You Travel?

Travel as much as you can as far as you can

Travel is such a vital part of a person’s development, in my opinion. Travel does not necessarily mean going across the ocean or to far lands. Traveling can be simply within your country, by car or train or bus. The point is to get out of your hometown and explore what is beyond the borders of your city or state or country, depending on your available resources and time. I was fortunate enough to have traveled to over 25 countries in my life, and dozens of different cities and towns around the world. Each time I learn something new, not just about the country or culture I am visiting, but even more about myself. Seeing how other people live and interact opens up your mind to how different we are, but also allows you to recognize how similar we are, and understanding that we are one family, one human race, regardless of the way we talk, or look, or perceive things. More or less, families are the same across the world, teenagers will be teenagers whether you are in Hong Kong or in Los Angeles or in Moscow, mothers will be mothers, and family drama is more or less the same no matter which country one is from. I find it so fascinating that a woman from, for example, Sri Lanka, can have so much in common with a woman in the states. Such experiences reassure you that we all come from one creator, something larger than us.

Travel also allows you to become more understanding of other cultures and traditions. I always considered myself a global citizen and someone who understands other cultures and people well; however, every time I travel I learn so much more, and the learning never stops. Even when I travel to the same country or city, I always come back with new information. Seeing how people are in their home countries will give you an inside look of why people act the way they act once they are in your country, for example. It allows you to understand others better instead of judging them by the way they are, simply because you don’t understand their upbringing and culture.

Travel can be pricey; however, at the end of your life, would you rather die having lived a life of learning and exploration and excitement? Or having lived a life of nonstop work, paying bills, and struggling in a vicious circle of life? Work will always be there, you will always have a chance to save for retirement, you will always have a chance to get that new car or purchase a house, or whatever it is that holds you back from traveling. Travel, because you will gain much more education than what a college can give you and you will be much more rich that what your work/salary can provide for you.

If you are worried about making money while you travel then check out this Huffington Post article about Making Money While Traveling: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephanie-be/gap-year-14-ways-to-work-_b_5490765.html

Things I am thankful for: morning meditation, power of stretching, Caribou coffee, blogging, and churros.

Advice of the Day: Meditate. Meditation can come in many forms, it can be waking up and saying thanks for all that is good in the world, it can be done on a couch sitting in peace and silence to give your mind a break, it can be while doing yoga, or sitting on a beach and cherishing the natural beauty around you. Whatever meditation is for you, just do it! Meditation gives your mind a chance to slow down and regain energy. It allows you to slow down and observe your body and thoughts, to ensure no negative energy is getting stuck inside of you, it creates a breathing space for you to just be alone with your thoughts and clear your mind of clutter. I recently started meditating every morning before my run at the beachfront. I simply take 5-10 minutes before my run to give thanks for all that I have and this beautiful life and for another chance to live another day, it also gives me a moment to recharge my mind with positivity and start my day off with an optimistic mind. I highly recommend doing this, even if you think this is silly, I promise you it will make a world of a difference in your day and how you navigate through your day from that point on. I dare you to try!

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