What’s Next?

Today is the first day of the New Year and although I am the kind of person who makes resolutions and goals to accomplish on daily basis, I am still looking forward to creating some new goals for the year, short term and long term. I am excited to see what the New Year will bring, but I sure hope to maintain a positive outlook on life, help others, travel more this year, and see my family and friends more often. I also would like to learn more about possibly starting my own business one day and attend some management courses, as well as business seminars that can teach me what I need to know as an entrepreneur. I am always looking for more opportunities here in Dubai to learn and grow my network.

What are some of your goals?

Things I am thankful for: friends visiting where I live, cool Dubai nights, sitting outside with a nice view, local snack food, and date nights with my love.

Advice of the Day: Silence. Take some time each day to enjoy just simply sitting in silence, not necessarily meditating, but just sitting in peace. Turn off your phone, the TV, and whatever else is making noise or can distract you. Enjoy some time with just being alone with your thoughts and making sure those thoughts are positive. Send away any negative thoughts, doubts, or any bad feelings inside of you. I try to do this each morning because that is when I have a better chance of sitting in peace successfully without any interruptions. Try it today!

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