Just Say Thank You

Maya Angelou, one of my favorite authors, used to say that we should say “Thank You” for everything that happens to us, whether good or bad. It is obvious that we should say thank you for something good that happens to us, but why would we thank anyone for something bad? Let’s say you didn’t get a job that you really wanted, or you didn’t get a chance to go on that vacation that you planned for, or you did really poorly at your work or a school play. What if those bad things actually prevented something even worse from happening? What if those bad things actually meant to point you in a different direction? For example, let’s say you didn’t get a job that you really wanted and you felt really upset about it. But, what if that job would not be a good career step for you, no matter how attractive it might have seemed. Or what if it would have stopped you from getting a job that would have been even better in the long run. What if you did really poorly at your project at work or at school and let everyone down, but in reality it taught you a priceless lesson or led you in a direction that you didn’t expect? I think you see my point. It is all about how we react to what happens to us and try to see the bigger picture or a hidden message within the situation. Now, whom exactly do we have to thank? We say thank you to the higher power, God, the Creator, or whatever higher power you believe in, that leads us in the right direction in life. We can either let the bad things overcome us, drown us in regret and sorrow, or we can own those moments, find a positive side, learn and move on from them, and say Thank You!

Things I am thankful for: runs on a cold morning, meeting new people, air conditioning, evenings walks with my husband, and free time.

Advice of the Day: Talk to yourself. We all need a pep talk from time to time, so why not give yourself a pep talk every day, instead of waiting for someone to do it for you. For example, let’s say you want to start your own business or start training for a marathon or start reading more, take a few minutes of your day to tell yourself to do these things. Just say it out loud “I will start my own business”, “ I will start working out,” “I will start reading.” It is better that you do this in private to avoid weird looks; however; who knows, maybe someone will even encourage you, so it is up to you when and where and how you choose to pep talk yourself. Note that you should say “will” instead of “want” or “need.” Stating your goals in future tense to yourself will do wonders to your brain and the way your thoughts will lead you in that specific direction of your goal. As soon as the words leave your mouth, you will feel a rush of energy and optimism, just be sure to say it loud and proud! This is not the time to use your soft voice, but instead be strong with your words and let your heart speak with power. Try this today! The key is to say it for more than just one day, say it every day until you start doing whatever it is you wish to accomplish.

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