Learn to De-Stress

A few years ago, if I knew me, I would not recognize me. I used to be the kind of person that got easily stressed and constantly worried about everything around me. My mind was constantly overwhelmed with thoughts about the past and my mistakes to caring too much of other peoples’ opinions to worrying about the future and much more. It made me stressed, bitter, and negative most the time. I knew that was no way to live and something had to change. It took me months but I took control of my mind and changed it 180 degrees. I am longer that same person, instead I am positive, optimistic, happy, and de-stressed. How I did it? Well, first I had to recognize and admit hat I had a very negative outlook on life and that I was under constant stress. Next, I created a plan of action. This included distancing myself from people who bring negative energy into my life, people who do not encourage positivity and change for the better; I also including exercising as part of my daily routine, including yoga and meditation; I cut back on reading or watching movies, shows, or news that bring negativity into my life; I started reading inspirational books and writing my thoughts down (so I can better recognize my thought pattern and eliminate things I should not focus on). Finally, I started to change my mindset on things, I tried to see the positives in every situation, an opportunity in every downfall, and the best in people no matter how they act towards me. Following through with this plan has literally changed my life and my mindset. If you feel similar way or just simply want to make a change in your life, I recommend to create a plan of action to eliminate or add whatever parts necessary for you to live a happy, healthy, and more fulfilled life.

Things I am thankful for: iTunes (where I can catch up with my shows), cold weather and snow, fresh flowers, time with in-laws, and technology.

Advice of the Day: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Don’t let negative things throughout the day get to you. For example, you call customer service and the person on the line is rude to you, or the clerk at the store gives you an attitude, or your dog chewed up your shoes (You can still make a complaint of course to the management but just don’t let it ruin your day). Don’t get too worked up when things like this happen. For all you know, the customer service representative and the clerk are having troubles at home or they are just unhappy in their lives. Let them be, move on with your day, don’t let their negativity affect your day and your mood. I see many people get frustrated about such things and it is so useless to use your energy on these things.  If anything, give a smile to people who are rude to you, because maybe that is what they need. Maybe they need a friendly interaction, you never know the true power of a friendly face until you try it on someone.  Rise above those who are on the road to bring themselves down and everyone around them. This can be related to your family members and friends as well. We all have bad days, so never take it personal if a spouse or a friend is not in the cheerful mood or whatever the case is. Let them be and go on with your day, they will come around. We all need a day to just be on our own. Next time you face a frustrating situation or a negative person, I hope you just smile and move on!

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