Ripe Market-Dubai

Today was my first visit to Dubai’s Ripe Market, located in Zabeel Park in Dubai. What an amazing place to check out local artists’ work, eat yummy food, drink organic coffee and green juices, and shop locally grown produce. The atmosphere is fun, energetic, positive, and inspiring. Many local artists and craftsmen come together to show case their work and share some of the talents with you. Locally grown produce is guaranteed to get your attention with bright colors, fresh smells, and good prices. Organic coffee shops get you awake and bring best tasting coffee to your morning. Families are having picnics on the nearby grass areas of the park, and watch shoppers explore the farmers market. Retailers from different parts of the world bring their products and creations to the market, energizing you with their enthusiasm and friendliness. It is very inspiring to watch people talk so passionately about their food creation or product, and it encourages creativity to emerge within you. I wonder what sort of food or product I can create to share with others and possibly even inspire.

Things I am thankful for: RAW coffee company, farmers markets, Brazilian cheese balls, organic foods, and early Friday mornings.

Advice of the Day: Check out your local farmers markets when available. Every town usually has some sort of farmers markets during one season or another. I was not that big into farmers markets, but lately I have been obsessed, wanting to visit a farmers market wherever there is one. In the world full of frozen products, processed foods, and added sugars, I am so excited to shop locally grown, organic products. The prices are also quite nice in some markets, considering you are getting fresh produce and supporting local farmers and artists/craftsmen. I highly recommend it. Make it a date and bring your loved one or even go by yourself. No matter you will enjoy it, learn a bit about the community around you, and eat amazing foods. What kind of markets does your city have? What is your favorite produce to shop for at farmers’ markets?

ripe market

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