What Do You Do?

I recently read a book by Ken Robinson, called “Finding Your Element.” The book assists in figuring out what your passions are and what you want to do with your days on this planet. I recommend this to anyone who is interested about finding out their passions in life, especially if you are not sure where to start or if you want to make a career change. This book reminded me how we, as a society, tend to just go for jobs that make most money or jobs that are considered prestige or something your parents can be proud of. Many people today are working at jobs they hate, they don’t spend time with their families, they become like machines at work with no passion, or sometimes even interest, in what they are doing. Most people are working 8 hours a day at jobs they dislike and wishing they were doing something else. Why do they do that? Fear. Societal expectations. Fear because they are afraid of being judged by society about their work choices or they are not willing to risk their work for a career they enjoy. For example, let’s say a successful lawyer decides to give his career up, and all the financial reward that comes with it, to pursue a career in art or music. His family would look at him as if he is crazy because he is giving up a reputable position to follow his hobby. His colleagues might also laugh at him; thus, such pressures and societal expectations will keep him working as a lawyer. You see my point here. I am sure you can come up with your own examples of why people do not pursue their true passions in life and many are simply stuck in a vicious cycle of working, paying endless bills, and never feeling fulfilled and truly happy. Some people are just dreamers with no real plans to move towards their passion in life. A goal without a plan is just a dream. I recommend taking some time to evaluate what it is that truly makes you happy in life, and then creating a plan of action to achieve your goals. That doesn’t mean dropping everything you are doing now. We all have bills and responsibilities, but at the same time we can work on making a shift from jobs we hate to jobs that we can feel connected to. It is all about taking the first step and creating a plan to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.

What is your dream in life? What is your plan to make your dream come true?

Things I am thankful for: weddings, desert resorts, quality time with my hubby, long afternoon naps, and RAW coffee company.

Advice of the Day: Find Your Element. I highly recommend the book by Ken Robinson called “Finding Your Element.” The book is great for anyone who is trying to figure out what to do with their lives in terms of work, those looking to switch career paths, those looking for a passion or a hobby in life, and anyone else who is simply interested in finding out more about their inner interests and passions. The book provides great questions to ask yourself about what really makes you happy in life, as well as provides some practical exercises and suggestions to help you find your element. It also provides real life examples of other people’s journeys to figure out their passions.


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