Focus on Your Own Grass

Often in life, we tend to compare ourselves to other people. We constantly compare ourselves to our peers, siblings, and friends. There are two ways to compare yourself and look at others. One is a positive way, which is to learn from others, to be inspired and motivated by them, and to work together. However, most people compare themselves in a negative way. For example, so and so is doing better than you in life (has a higher paying job, gets to travel often, has a great marriage, etc.) and instead of trying to figure out what it is that they are doing right and how you can learn from them, you tend to just get jealous and say things like: “Well, he or she had it easier in life” or “He or she does not deserve this” or “He or she has others help with this and that.” You get my point. We always tend to put the other person down and ourselves as well, as if talking about such things will change things for you. It does not! All that does is allows envy and negativity set inside of you and make a home there for a long haul. Instead, try to understand the person’s journey and take advice from them. And, if you do not need or want their advice, then simply mind your own business. Do not look at others, focus on yourself. Personally, I do not look at other people’s grass, because I am too busy growing my own. I don’t have time to look at others unless I can learn from them, help them, gain skills, or work with them for a common goal. We all have our own journeys and do not always assume that the other person has it better than you, you have no idea what they might have gone through or how hard they worked to be where they are today. Be thankful for what you do have and work towards achieving your goals with a positive attitude and motivation.

Things I am thankful for: opportunity to learn, ability to read amazing books, chocolate with nuts, and yoga.

Advice of the Day: Avoid Gossip. It is embedded in our human society to talk about others, in some cultures it is worse than in others. Nonetheless, cultural and societal habits are not an excuse to engage in gossip or discuss anyone’s business behind their back. You get back whatever you put out in the world. So, if you talk bad about someone then it will come back around to you or your family one way or another. If you are in a situation where gossip is happening, then leave the room or try to change the topic. If you cannot leave or change the topic, then do not engage in the discussion, and avoid making comments or providing your input, unless you plan to say “It is none of your business to discuss this topic.” Otherwise, just ignore and the chances are the person(s) will probably move on to another topic if they see you are not interested in what they are talking about. Let’s spread positivity, love, and inspiration, not jealousy, hate, and backbiting.


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