Start a Garden

What I really miss about living in a more plant friendly climate is be able to start my own garden with vegetables, herbs, and flowers. With such a growing demand for organic foods and produce, why not start growing your own? It is much cheaper and it is fun. If you live in a climate where it is sustainable to grow veggies or any other produce, then I highly recommend giving it a try. Here in Dubai, we can grow date and mango trees, as well as some other things. Once I am able to have a mango and a date tree, I will definitely plant those. My mother also grows her own garden in Virginia and has an area full of plants and flowers in her back yard. It is relaxing to sit in the back yard on a sunny afternoon and enjoy the view. You can grow enough to share with your neighbors and friends. Why not share fresh produce with people you love and care for. It might even motivate them to start their own garden and then we can all eventually eat healthier, fresher produce. Finally, some people find gardening therapeutic and relaxing, so it adds positive energy to your health. You can learn how to garden using various resources on the Internet; also, visit your local garden store, I am sure they will be able to help as well.

Things I am thankful for: my husband who is fun, understanding, handsome, smart, and caring.

Advice of the Day: Keep Fresh Flowers in the House. I really enjoy having fresh flowers in the house. I feel they bring such joy and brighten up the room, as well as make the house smell good. I try to send my friends and family flowers whenever an occasion arises, instead of chocolates. Flowers make everyone happy (unless you are allergic) and they bring the kind of joy that lasts for days or longer. Yes, they can be pricey, but you can start growing your own in your yard or shop at local markets for fresh flowers where they might be less expensive. I think it is money worth spent.

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