Who Are You Living Your Life For?

In our society, we are encouraged greatly to worry about what other people think of us. For example, we are always asked questions such as “What will people think of this?” or “How can you wear this to this event?” or “But, people don’t do that here” and so on. We are constantly reminded to consider what those around us will think of our outfit, our situation, our opinion, our actions, and much more. But, what good does it do to worry about the opinion of others to that extent? Does worrying about what others will say make our life easier? Probably not. Many societies around the world place a lot of values into what other people say about them. It is all about the reputation, and not just your reputation, but the reputation of your family, your friend, and anyone you associate with. You cannot make any actions without first considering what others will think or say about you. That doesn’t mean that you should just run around half naked or say anything without a filter just because you don’t care about what others think. Rather, I mean when it comes to your work or whom to marry or what path in life to follow, you should not put so much emphasis on other people’s opinions. You may always listen to people who care about you but at the end you have to make an educated choice of what is right in your heart for you. After all, it is your life and they are not living it for you. The decisions you make will directly affect you so you must do what is best for you. In general, we should be free to make our choices (as long as those choices don’t affect us or others in a harmful way) without having to worry about the opinion of those around us. We care a great deal about wearing the right clothes, looking a certain way, discussing the right topics, making the right choices based on the approval of others, not based on what is best for us. This is no way to live your life, because at the end all that will matter are the choices we didn’t make and chances we didn’t take. The chances are we will not even remember or care what people thought or said about us. Let’s try to live life in a way that we age with no regrets and look back at our lives knowing that we made choices that made us happy and allowed us to have the life that we are meant to live. Those who care about us will support us no matter what choices in life we make, so in reality we have nothing to lose.

Things I am thankful for: spending all day at home in pajamas watching movie after movie.

Advice of the Day: Take Time To Do Nothing. In our days, we seem to always be going and going, from work to errands to events to more errands to gym and so on. It is important to take just one day to stay at home and do nothing. No errands, no work, no emails, just simply stay in your comfortable clothes and enjoy a day off. For me that means watching movies, cooking, and just lounging around reading magazines or books. It is important to let your body rest and spend the day just doing nothing. You don’t have to do it every week but just pick a day when you can allow yourself to do nothing and just enjoy it to the fullest.

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