Let It Rain

Today in Dubai it is raining and the weather is very cool, which is rare, if you understand the climate of this region. Rain is so rare here that when it rains people literally stop and just say a prayer and go outside to enjoy this beautiful phenomenon. In other cities where it rains frequently, people dread the rain and hide away from it as soon as possible. This made me think how much we, as people, don’t appreciate what is in front of us until it is gone. Why does it take drought to appreciate the rain? The cold to appreciate the heat. Hate to appreciate the love. Loss to appreciate what we had. Why can’t we indulge in the moment, whatever it is, and just appreciate it for what it is. Maybe if we appreciate the rain, we would not get upset if our clothes or hair got wet. If we appreciate what we have today, then we will never lose it and if we do lose it then at least we did our best to enjoy it to the fullest while we had it. If we loved everyone and everything around us, then we would never feel anger or hate, because we would learn to see love in everything if we choose to. It is our choice how we perceive things around us. We can either hide from the rain or dance in it. The choice is yours.

Things I am thankful for: rain and cold in the desert

Advice of the Day: Enjoy The Moment. If you are walking down the road and it starts raining. Instead of getting frustrated and hurrying home or trying to hide from the rain, which is a normal human reaction, just enjoy the moment. Feel the rain, recognize how rare of an occasion it is in many countries around the world. Some countries pray for rain all year around because their food supplies depends on that. Enjoy rain for what it is, which is a blessing from above, relax and have fun in the moment. Same goes to snow and storms (as long as you are safe and the storm is harmless), it is actually exciting to watch a storm from your porch while sipping on some hot tea or chocolate. Enjoy nature for what it is.

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