Driving in the US and the UAE

Living in the US and now in the UAE, I noticed one thing about people in both countries. They are always in a hurry, always angry on the road, and never want to give way to others. In the US, some states are better than others. For example, in southern California people tend to be more calm, while on the east coast in New York City yelling and honking at drivers is a norm. In the UAE, this is also a trend. If you are ever driving in Dubai, make sure you are ready to hit the gas pedal as soon as that light turns green, otherwise, simultaneously as the light is turning green you will be honked at from different directions as if the road behind you is dropping into the abyss. What is the hurry? Why are we always in a rush? Would that one extra minute, or even five minutes, that you might save getting to your destination really make a difference in your life? I doubt it. The worst part of being impatient on the road is that it makes you a reckless driver. On top of that it causes you stress. Imagine that, a person whom you don’t even know in another car is stressing you out! You are giving so much control to a person whom you will probably never speak to or even see face to face. And, you do this all because he or she takes a few extra seconds to move from the spot at a green light.

Another aspect of driving that I find entertaining to watch is people not giving each other way. Let’s say a person in a parallel lane to yours wants to change lanes and get in front of you. More often than not, I see drivers play a game of bumper cars. One refuses to give way and the other refuses to stay in his or her lane, leaving them in a situation where one of them will soon hit the other and the bumper game will begin. Just give way! Seriously, just be kind to one another, let it go. If someone cutting you off in traffic ruins your day or places you in a bumper car situation, then it is really time to rethink your life and your state of happiness. No one who is truly happy and content in life will let something so small bother them. If someone wants to get in front of you, just let them go. Same goes for someone who is a bit slow once the light turns green; just be patient, the car will move within a few seconds, I guarantee it. There is no need to create extra stress around you and try to prove a point to someone whom you don’t even know. Let’s all try to be more kind and patient towards each other no matter what the situation is. Nothing good has ever come out from being angry, impatient, and ignorant. Change today for a better future.

Things I am thankful for: listening to the storm, sleeping through the storm with the windows open.

Advice of the Day: Control your anger. Being able to control our anger in the moment of a heated argument is probably one of the hardest things to do. However, it is not an excuse to shout at someone or say hurtful things. If you are ever in an argument with a friend, a colleague, or a spouse, try to be calm, breathe deeply, and take a few moments before responding. Do not let your initial anger emotion just come out of your mouth without filtering it first. If you feel that you will get angry, then simply excuse your self from the situation or close your eyes and count to 60 seconds before responding. Taking those few moments to reflect on the situation will save you the embarrassment of blurting out something negative and hurtful. After all, what we say when we are angry we often do not mean. Unfortunately, once those words leave your mouth, there is no taking them back; thus, it does more harm than good in any given situation. Consider other people’s feelings, take the higher road in this situation, and just calm down. Once you are calm you can discuss your feelings with that person in a way that both of you will listen and discuss it in a polite way.

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