Smile at the World

I find it alarming how often people choose not to smile. I watch people often (not in a creepy kind of way but more in an observatory way…) and many choose to be serious versus sharing a smile with the world. For example, when at a store or a restaurant, why not smile at the person serving you. And, I am not talking about that pity half smile we give to people, I am talking about a full on happy face smile from ear to ear. It might make that person’s day and they will probably give you better service than if you didn’t smile. It is funny how one small gesture changes people’s treatment towards us. When you smile at someone you instantly brighten up their day and yours as well. Sometimes a smile might confuse someone in some situations, but overall it will only bring positive things to your day. And, if it does confuse someone then you will seem as a very mysterious happy person, but at the end you win and they will never know what is behind that smile. I think that gives you a cool image for a split moment. Furthermore, did you know that it takes more face muscles to frown than to smile? Which means frowning gives you more wrinkles, another great reason to smile. Finally, a smile can lead to many great beginnings, it can start up a conversation, offer kindness to another person, lead to a friendship or a business venture, and so much more. When you smile at the world, the world will smile back at you. Smile J

Things I am thankful for: hot tea on a cold afternoon, this blog, which allows me to share my thoughts with my readers, and great books.

Advice of the Day: Be positive. No matter what happens in life, always stay positive and be thankful for anything that life brings you, good and bad. Positive thoughts create a positive life, you just have to try it and see for yourself. Train your mind to see positives in every situation and never let negativity inside. Eliminate anything and anyone who brings negatives vibes into your life. You only have this one life so make it great, achieve your dreams, create and reach your goals. Once you make a promise to yourself to be positive and surround yourself with positive people, you will see how life will unfold in the most beautiful way, in a way that you could have never even imagined.

IMG_0730 IMG_0808

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