My Experiences in Thailand

What a beautiful country Thailand is! From the city to the islands, it is a welcoming country, with amazing people and delicious foods. My husband and I spent about 10 days exploring different parts of Thailand on a short getaway trip and I am happy to share some experiences with you.

Our first stop was the city of Phuket. It a huge tourist destination and thus lots of activities for tourists. We stayed in Patong Beach which is one of the main beaches in Phuket. There are many activities to do there, such as sight seeing, water sports, night life, shows, and eating, among other things. Hotels and restaurants are quite inexpensive and you can enjoy some real good seafood for a good price. We went to a Floating Restaurant outside of Patong and had amazing seafood for under $40 for the both of us. If you want to try the seafood in the main area of Patong, then you will pay more, but if you want a more local experience, I highly recommend the Floating Restaurant in Phuket Town Pier. Below is a picture of what we ate there. We had lobster, crabs, shrimp cakes, calamari, and fried rice, plus juices, all for about $40 USD.


Patong beach is a busy area with lots going on all throughout the day, and a fascinating night life. Bangla street is the main area of Patong night life where you can find anything from restaurants to bars to massage places to shows. However, if you are looking for a more quite, intimate experience, I would recommend Kata or Karon Beach, which is about a 20 minute drive from Patong. Kata/Karon beach area is more family oriented and a bit further away from the busy beaches and loud night life. The resorts in this area are also a bit more spacious with more activities for family and kids.

Phi Phi Islands
Our next stop were the Phi Phi Islands near Krabi province. They consisted of 6 islands, with a population of about 2000-3000 people. This is the same islands where the movie “The Beach” was filmed many years ago. We took a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Phuket for about $30USD for the both of us, including a pick up service from the hotel to the ferry and an open date return ticket. The ferry ride was beautiful, we passed many small islands along the way, and the air was breezy and fresh. We stayed on the main island Phi Phi Don where they used no cars, no motorbikes, and you had to walk or take a boat anywhere you wanted to go. You could, however, walk from one side of the island to the other in about 1 hour, so you don’t really need any transportation. Boats were quite useful in this case, even with our luggage we were able to easily move around the island. But, I do recommend just bringing a backpack if you plan to do some island explorations, it makes things easier than carrying a luggage from the boat to the hotel. We stayed on the furthest part of the island called “Long Beach” which was away from the main pier and main touristy things. We stayed at 2 different bungalows during our stay there, because everything was booked so we couldn’t stay in one place. (Tip: book your hotel before you arrive to ensure you have a place to stay. We just went with the flow and decided to book when we got there). The first place we stayed in was called “P P Blue Sky Resort” and it was an amazing experience. Most of the hotels and hostels on the island are family owned and operated. At this particular place, the whole family worked at the hotel and they lived in one of the bungalows in the back of the resort. The mother cooked amazing pancakes for breakfast and the daughter made delicious fresh watermelons shakes, while the father checked people in and maintained the books. I found it fascinating how the whole family was able to use their skills to create a successful business, and I really doubt they went to some fancy school for education. This just shows that to be successful you don’t always have to go to college or have any sort of experience. You just have to love what you do and use the skills that you have (but that is a topic for another post in the near future).  The whole family was welcoming and kind to us and we felt at home in their resort. Below are some pics from our stay at P P Blue Sky.

The next place we stayed in was “Paradise Resort” and it was literally a 30 second walk from our first bungalow. This one was a bit bigger and right on the sand. Below is the view from our patio. What an amazing view to wake up to! The water is so clean, clear, and blue it is mesmerizing.

There are a few islands near where we stayed, so we took a boat to the island closest to us which was called “Viking Island.” It was absolutely beautiful and it had caves where people actually lived! Once again a reminder of how people can survive anywhere, using what nature has provided, and living a very simply life. In addition, the island has beaches that were tiny where you could park the boat and do some sun bathing and snorkeling. Below are some pics of the island.

I wish we had more time to explore the amazing country, but I am grateful to have had an opportunity to see these amazing islands and visit the famous Patong Beach in Phuket. I highly recommend a trip to Thailand if you get a chance to do so. The hotels, transportation, and food are relatively cheap and you don’t need that much spending money. We spend hundreds of dollars each year on holidays gifts, shopping, and miscellaneous items, so why not put some money aside for a trip abroad and create memories that are worth much more than a new bag or a new pair of shoes. Travel is the only thing you can buy which will make you richer.

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