Give Back

When you are blessed with something great or reached a financial success in your life, make sure you give back to the community or those who are close to you or those who need help. Donate to a charity, build a place of worship, invest in projects you believe it, serve the community in any way that you can. The more you give, the more you get. You were not blessed with something for no reason, you were blessed to share your blessing with others. You get what you give in this world. Don’t be too proud to help others. If you came from a background of poor financial wealth or socioeconomic status and then made millions, then help others in your community or around the world do the same. Remember what it is like to start with nothing, no money, no help, and little support from people. Don’t forget where you came from and don’t get too proud to help those who are in similar situations to where you were in the past.

Often we ignore those who have no benefit to us because they are of different socioeconomic status or share different ideas about life and success, but that doesn’t mean that this person doesn’t have something positive to offer to your life. Hear them out, listen to them, then make your decision. This same person who is asking for your advice may very well be the person who will help you in the future when you are in their shoes. Life is a funny thing, one day you can be driving a Bentley to work and that same day you can lose all of your money and be send to jail; thus, be careful of how you treat others. Money you can lose quickly, but if you have respect, loyalty, and friendship of other people then you will come out on top no matter what. Set a time in your day or week (whatever works best for you) to do something good for the world, respond to an email from a struggling entrepreneur and give advice, call back an old friend who is trying to reach you, send notes (or flowers even) to family and friends just because, donate money or clothes for a charity, invest in a start up, and keep in touch with colleagues. We all need help at one point of our lives, and no one who has made it to the top has made it there alone. Let’s help each other and share the view from the top of the mountain together.

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