Less Is More

People have more stuff today than ever before. We are constantly buying things. We buy bigger houses, bigger cars that we fill with stuff, we buy more clothes and shoes, more electronics and various gadgets, and we spend more money on storage to keep all this stuff somewhere. But, what does it do for us? Does more stuff equal more happiness? Does more stuff give us a purpose in life or some sort of achievement? In my opinion, it does the absolute opposite.

Hundreds of studies have been done by various groups and individuals which prove that having more stuff, including having more money, actually equals to more stress. Yes, having a large sum of money creates more stress because now you have to constantly worry about money and what to do with it. In addition, when you have more money, you actually spend more on things you normally would not buy. Thus, you end up with things in your house, your car, and your storage, among other places, that are filled with things you do not use or necessarily need. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people out there who could benefits from the stuff that you probably call junk or extras in your closet or storage. I propose we all spend this coming weekend clearing out our closets, storage units, and cars. Go through your things, donate what you can, throw out the stuff that is not working anymore (I am sure you have things that you are keeping but they don’t even work), and create more space for yourself. That doesn’t mean that you should go out and buy more stuff (unless you really need to replace something), but instead just enjoy the extra free space, don’t overpack your closet or storage. Maybe you can even get rid of your storage and not pay the extra buck for it. You will soon realize that much of the stuff you got rid off (hopefully by donating), you didn’t really need in the first place. This will hopefully encourage you to spend less money on “things” and save more money or put it to other uses, such as donating, education, helping the community, vacations, or whatever your heart desires. Less is more!

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