Being Mentally Strong

What does being mentally strong mean to you?

I recently read a great article about being mentally  strong, which discusses how being mentally strong can protect one from criticism and tough times.  You can find the link below at the end of this post.

I would like to discuss what it means to me to be mentally strong and I hope to hear about your ideas of mental strength as well.  To me being mentally strong is understanding that I am not perfect and being open to criticism. I also know that some people will not understand me as I wish they would. I am only responsible for what I say, but not for what others understand. We all have different ways that we interpret situations and discussions. We come from different upbringings and backgrounds, which set our mind to think in a certain way. That is what makes each of us unique and why some people are able to handle certain situations while others cannot.

Being mentally strong also means to understand yourself and be true to you. You are not here to live someone else’s truth, you have your own truth and your own thought process. This is not to say that if others think differently from you that they are wrong. No, they are just different and that is what makes this world so diverse and interesting to live in. Yes, it may cause some disagreements and misunderstandings, but that is just how it goes. The best way to deal with certain situations that you don’t agree with is to exit the conversation or let others speak their peace and move on to another topic. Some arguments are not worth pursuing, sometimes you have to just hear people out and let everyone move on. On the other hand, there are situations where one should not be quiet, depending on the sensitivity of the topic under discussion and how words may affect others. The decision is yours, depending on the situation, but choose your battles wisely.

Being mentally strong is also knowing that you have the power to control your mind and your thoughts. The more positive you think, the more positive your life will be. The more you believe in yourself, the more you will accomplish. You must dream the life you want and work towards reaching your full potential. It all starts with your mind and thoughts. I recommend yoga and meditation to improve your mental power and ability to control your thoughts, as well as understand your mind.

You can read a great article about being mentally strong here:

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