To Travel is To Learn!

As I prepare to depart on another trip, it brings me to think just how much travel changed me and added to my life over the years. I have traveled to over 25 countries, staying anywhere from hostels to luxury hotels, and exploring many different areas of cities around the world and trying all the food that I can 🙂 That being said, eating different foods that literally melt in your mouth just opens your mind and taste buds to a whole other level of life’s blessings. What I have learned is that food is such a huge part of a country’s culture. So much can be told about a country and its people by the kind of food they eat, how they cook it, and how they gather together to enjoy a delicious meal. In addition, it will encourage you to learn how to cook different cuisines and share the delicious new recipes with your friends and family back home. Some parts of the world have certain foods that other parts do not have (unless they are exported/imported, but of course fresh food is best) due to different climates and vegetation, and thus you are exposed to new products every time you visit a new country. To travel is to eat!

Next, traveling teaches you about your own life and country more than you can ever imagine. It teaches you how to be grateful for what you have in your home country (even the little things) which are considered luxury or delicacies abroad. It also allows you to recognize how other people live their lives, work and operate, and how governments are run. It makes you realize how blessed you are in so many ways. Travel also shows you how different people are around the world, but at the same time how similar we are in certain situations, especially in family circles. With so much conflict happening around the world you would think that it is because we are so different and want different things, but it is completely the opposite. We are all the same, we all want peace and freedom, we want to be happy and healthy, and we want to succeed in life. How is it that we all want same things, yet we cannot live in peace? I guess perhaps because our countries are run by a small group of elites who make moves for their own financial or political gains. But, that is a discussion for another topic..

Once you begin to travel, you cannot just stop. It creates an urge in your life that you cannot ignore. It is addictive, and extremely satisfying once you are abroad at your new destination. But, once you are back home you are ready to pack for another trip to explore new territories and try new things.  Traveling also teaches you to be more flexible and more patient as you deal with things you cannot control and come across unpredictable situations/conflicts. It teaches you to solve problems and think on the spot as you find yourself in uncommon situations which need immediate solutions. Finally, it definitely teaches you how to communicate using sometimes only your fingers and gestures. Many people around the world speak English but in some places you might find yourself relying on only gestures to communicate with the local people (which is another great reason to learn a foreign language or two). You will be surprised how creative you can get when you need to order food or get to a destination.

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, and soak in each moment!

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