The life that we chose

The topic of determination comes to mind quite often as I interact with others throughout my life. What makes some people determined/motivated to achieve their greatest potential, while others are content staying in the same place all of their lives (same careers, same friends, etc.)? For example, part of the world where I came from, most people never leave their immediate neighborhoods, they simply stay in the same area, with the same people, doing the same things for majority of their lives. Thankfully for me, my mother made a move to the US and changed my life drastically. I believe I get my sense of adventure and determination for a better life from her. Even while in the US, I never wanted to stay in the same place with the same people. I wanted to evolve, improve every aspect of my life on the regular basis, get wiser, meet new people, explore new territories, and just simply live a life of adventure and accomplishing goals. The US neighborhood I grew up in had a great variety of people, from different cultural and economic backgrounds. However, most of the kids I went to high school with still stayed in the same city (or returned there after college) and settled in the area, still hanging out in same local places with the same people that we went to high school with. All of us had the same opportunities, more or less, to do whatever we wished with our lives. Some even had more opportunities than I did, but they never used those opportunities. I am not judging them, but simply stating facts. For me and a handful of others from the same area we could not imagine living our whole lives in that city with the same people, going to the same hangouts. The world is simply too big and has too much to offer to stay in one place. In my opinion, people are meant to evolve and move around, and fulfill their dreams to the fullest. Perhaps for some the dream is to stay in the neighborhood they grew up in? Who am I to judge them for this, even though I could never understand why anyone would stay in the same place forever? Don’t we all want to improve our lives, earn a higher salary, travel to other countries, build an international or national reputation, meet new people, explore new cultures, and just overall improve our standards of living? More often than not, in order to do that we must move around, encounter new challenges, and meet new people, as well as get out of our comfort zone. Maybe it is just me. As a matter of fact, I am realizing that most people tend to stay in the same area all of their lives, even though they have a chance to move around. Not to say that there is something wrong with where your heart is, but in this case, I am talking about people who do not even wish to travel or meet new people or explore new opportunities. It seems that time has stopped for them and they are stuck in their life full of predictable behaviors and same daily routines.  I believe determination has a lot to do with it. If a person is determined he or she will go far and achieve beyond possible results. On the other hand, those who are demotivated and lack determination, they will remain plateau for majority of their lives, and before they know it, they are on their death bed, wishing they would have experienced everything that this big world has to offer. This is why so many people who are close to dying always say they wish they would have done A, B, and C, which mainly contain of wishing they would have traveled more, had fun more, stressed less, and explored the world more, among other things. Once again I do believe it is a personal choice (one I will never understand) to stay in the same place, never learning of the big world out there.

What is it in one person that determines them to explore all areas of life and be an explorer? I don’t know what motivates others, but I can tell you why I always wanted to explore the world and the variety of people in it. I believe that in order for me to really understand the human nature and the world around me, I must go out there and interact with individuals from different place, different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, individuals who don’t speak the same language as me and those who have different interpretation of the world that we live in. I believe in order for me to really live my life the way I imagine, I have to get out of my comfort zone, and constantly  evolve my thinking, my ways of doing things, and explore my strengths and weaknesses. For my personal journey, I believe the way to accomplish this is through travel, through meeting new people, learning about a new culture, and setting a new goal. I always wanted to understand why people do what they do, and why some cultures follow certain traditions which might be considered taboo in another culture. I also know for a fact that the world is too amazing to not look around every corner, there are too many great cuisines that I want to indulge in, and there are inspiring individuals whom I have yet to meet but cannot wait to come across in my life.

Nonetheless, I guess at the end what really matters is happiness. If the person is happy and satisfied with his or her life, then who am I to disrupt that with my own personal view on life. We all choose the life that we live, and as long as we are satisfied with our choice, then all is well in the world.

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