Set a side 10 minutes or more (whatever you can give) each day for meditation. It can be in the morning before work or school, on your lunch break, or in the evening. It can even be done in your car or on the way to work. I enjoy meditating in the morning either in my home or by the beach where I do my morning runs. I believe meditating in the morning sets my mood for the day and clears my mind of all clutter so that I can focus on important things to accomplish during the day, and it also gives me the ability to handle daily stress better. If you enjoy some meditation music, as I do, you can simply search on YouTube for meditation melodies or download something from iTunes. If you prefer to be in a peace and quite, then you can do that as well. The key is to spend some time in your day focusing on your breathing, acknowledging your body and all parts of it, and controlling your thoughts. Meditating can help with stress, anxiety, daily issues, it will make you more calm and peaceful, among other priceless benefits. All it takes is just a few minutes of your time. Practice makes perfect. Start today, make it a habit, and see your mind and life change in a  wonderful way for the better.


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