What are you doing to get ahead?

All of us have a career that we are pursuing, but are you doing all that you can to be the best in your field? Here are some tips on getting ahead in your career, whichever field you are in:
-Read, read, read. Stay on top of the news that are relevant to your job or market. Read as much as you can about your specific job, as well as relevant topics.
-Attend Workshops. Find out if there is a workshop that you can attend in relation to professional development or your career field. Make you sure you choose a valuable one, because many workshops are more social than informative. Be careful what you spend your time and your (or your company’s) money on.
-Get a mentor. Find a mentor or someone you can look up to in your field. Get in touch with someone who you admire in your field and learn from them. Find a mentor who will keep you motivated and on track with progressing your career.
-Keep up with new technologies. Is there a new gadget that recently came out that could possibly be useful in your daily work? Stay on track with things that make your work easier or save time/money. Be resourceful.
-Interact with colleagues. It is important to maintain a healthy working relationship with people in the office or clients. Get lunch with a colleague, organize a morning breakfast or even just coffee for your team. It is also important to interact with others in your company even if they are not directly in your department or area of work. You should be aware of everything within a company so that you can understand all of the parts of the company that you work for and the different people in it. It will be useful in the long run, especially if you are heading towards a leadership role.

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