How Food Affects Your Stress Levels

I came across a great article (which you can read below) that discusses how the foods we eat help us or hurt us when it comes to stress levels.

It is no news that bad stress leads to many negative things, such as fatigue, depression, illness, weight gain/loss, mood swings, insomnia, and the list goes on. However, there are many things we can do in our daily routines that can decrease our stress levels. For example, exercise and meditation greatly reduce stress levels. Spending time with loved ones and enjoying a fun activity also help in keeping one’s stress levels in check. Foods also have great effects on your stress levels, as discussed in the Success magazine. The article provides some pointers about what one should eat to reduce stress levels, you can read more by following this link:

Personally, I enjoy reading a great book to reduce my stress levels when needed, especially when I need to disconnect from the real world and emerge myself into a world of positive thinking and a great fantasy, which so many authors can provide for us. I also enjoy exercising and doing yoga, as well as cooking to reduce stress or just do something that my body will thank me for later. I believe we should all practice different techniques that reduce stress in our lives, because stress affects every cell in our body and it is truly a silent killer to many of us if we don’t treat it.


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