How do you prepare for your day?

How do you start your day?

I came across an inspiring article “10 Things You Should Do Every Day Before 10am,” which provides some suggestions about how you should start your day to get the max our of your time and set your mind for the day ahead. Now, you don’t have to swear by these 10 things but I think implementing some of these are great for all of us. Some of my favorite ones are: meditate and hydrate. Meditating in the morning allows your mind to start fresh and be mindful of how you are feeling that morning, as well as gives you an opportunity to be thankful for having another day to achieve your goals and enjoy life. Drinking plenty of water (great with lemon) is a good way to wake up your organs and body, while allowing the lemon water to detox you in the morning. I think it is valuable to drink water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning and preferably 30 minutes before breakfast. Another thing I can add is exercising, stretching is great too, but I think getting your workout in first thing in the morning is great. This way you get your exercise, and then you have all day to focus on other tasks. I find it hard to hit the gym after work because at that point I am not as motivated and other things come up that take my attention. I also like to start my day by enjoying a nice, hot and fresh cup of coffee, while watching the news. I literally go to bed just thinking about my morning, because this is a ritual I look forward to each day 🙂

Try to set a routine that works for you, while implementing some, if not all, of these suggestions into your morning routine. The key is consistency.

You can find this article here:


coffee is phenomenal in Amsterdam

5 thoughts on “How do you prepare for your day?

  1. Some really great tips. I couldn’t agree more about working out in the morning, when I was in Germany last week I found some great trails in the morning. However, back at home in the normal flow I find late night running fits my schedule best.

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