Addiction-It’s not what you think!

It is no secret that I enjoy Ted Talks a great deal and love to listen to them for inspiration and new ways of thinking about common topics. I recently came across a talk by Johann Hari where he talks about addiction from a completely different perspective. His idea of why addiction happens and how to treat it makes more sense to me that anything I have come across before. With so many people suffering from different types of addictions, it is important for us to understand the reasons behind it and how to help loved ones overcome it. Whether it is a drug, sex, alcohol, or game addiction, the society tends to dehumanize individuals and criminalize them in some ways, when instead they need our connection and love and understanding, as Hari points out in his talk. I will let Hari do the talking and explaining here, you can see the video below. Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments section!

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