So you started a new job…

Whenever starting a new job, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, of course, the first 90 days on the job are the most critical. This is your time to learn about the company, understand in depth goals of your specific department and position, get to know your colleagues, understand the organizational culture and structure, among other things. All of these are very important aspects of your first 3 months on the job; however, understanding the people and the culture is on top of the list, in my opinion. You must understand who are the key players at your company, by key players I mean people who get things done and have strong connections/power in the organization. These are the people who get all the inside scoop from the top management, understand the upper management better than others, and know how to get things approved/done. These are the people you want in your corner and the people you want to always be on good terms with for a successful growth within the company. Because to be on their bad side is probably not going to help you and, after all, they have the power that they have because they did something right (most of the time) so you can learn a thing or two from them.

You must also recognize the gossipers, the complainers, and the overall negative people in the company; these are the people you stay clear of. These people will always be negative and will talk behind your back the minute they get a chance, so it is better to keep a distance whenever possible. Starting a new job is stressful enough, so you want to keep your environment and people around you positive and optimistic. Next, understand your boss. Here are some things to consider:

  • Understand how your boss/person you report to operates and handles day to day tasks.
  • Is he/she a micromanager or lets you do your own thing?
  • Is he/she a morning meeting person or an afternoon person? Some people prefer to have the important meetings in the morning vs afternoon, so it is important to keep this mind when scheduling appointments with them.
  • Understand when they are under pressure from the management, and learn to give them space that day(s) (save your questions for a later day, if possible in this case)
  • Understand their overall personality, don’t take things personally. For example, some people are workaholics and don’t care much for small talk or being social at lunch; they just want to focus on their work and interact with others only when needed. (is it a good thing? not necessarily, but that’s how some people operate, so don’t take it personally if they are not social with you or discuss the upcoming weekend plans).

There are a great deal of aspects that one must learn and pay attention to the first 90 days on the new job, but I believe understanding the culture and the people around you is vital to your growth and future in the company. By understanding who is who will also give you a peace of mind and ability to interact with everyone on a positive note and staying clear of work dramas and conflicts. It will show you who to go to for certain things and who you can trust and talk to when you need to vent (as we all do at one point or another). I also would like to share with you a helpful article by Forbes which covers other important points about the first 90 days; you can access the article by visiting this link:

I would love to hear what you found helpful for you in the first 90 days on the new job. Write your experiences in the comments.

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