Comfort can be a bad thing

Are you very comfortable in your current company? Can you do your job with your eyes closed? When was the last time you came across a serious challenge? Has work become very routine with no new learning opportunities? These are the questions I want you to ask yourself in order to determine if you are, perhaps, too comfortable in your current job. If you are comfortable and you like it this way, then there is no need for you to keep reading this. Comfort is good IF you enjoy it and there is nothing wrong with being comfortable. However, if you are the kind of person who wants to move up the ladder and be challenged and grow in your career then this message is for you.

I recently made a decision to change companies but it was not an easy decision. I am still staying within the field of career consulting, but I am making an institutional change and will be working with a different group of clients. This new role will absolutely challenge me and it will give me opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I believe this is exactly where my next career move should be. So, why was it so hard for me to make the shift? Because i was too comfortable in my previous role. It was hard to leave colleagues who I grew so close with, a leader who understood me, a work environment where everyone gets along, and other number of conveniences that surrounded my work place. Nonetheless, I took the leap of faith and it is exciting and terrifying at the same time. But, for a person like me, this is exactly where I want to be. I want to learn more, grow stronger professionally and personally, and become an expert in my field. In order to reach my goals, I have to do things that are at first uncomfortable or scary because this is how I will grow, learn, and succeed in my career aspirations. At the end, success does not come from comfort zones!

If you are feeling that you are too comfortable in your current job and you feel you need a challenge, I recommend you start looking at your options and explore which way should be your next career move. Feel free to reach out to me if you want someone to talk this out with, I am happy to listen and provide some suggestions.

I also recommend checking out this article by Forbes about some signs that you might be too comfortable in your job :

2 thoughts on “Comfort can be a bad thing

  1. Hi Elena, I really enjoyed your article as I have recently took a promotion (about 3 months ago) and would like some further advice on how to handle the change and listen to your suggestions.

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