Shorter work days are on the way

How many hours a day do you actually work? I don’t mean how many hours per day you must physically be present at your office/desk, but I mean how many hours of actual work do you do during that 8-9 hour work day? Do you work non-stop for 8 hours (aside for lunch)? Be honest. In most cases, people actually work 3-4 hours out of their 8 hour work day during the regular schedules. There are exceptions when deadlines are due, projects are coming, etc., but that does not happen throughout the year for most workers who work regular 9-5s. The rest of the time, they are checking their phones, chatting with colleagues, planning out their activities, and dragging out their actual work. Of course, there are exceptions in some cases where an individual actually does have a ton of work to do each day and is productive the whole work day. However, for most people out there that is not the case. This is mainly due to the fact that companies have policies and rules that everyone must be in attendance during the working hours, even if they have no work to do or they have completed their tasks/goals.
As an employee, you are not as motivated to get your work done in those 3-4 hours because you know you actually have 8 hours to complete your tasks for the day. Therefore, employees drag out their time with other time wasting activities and you almost can’t blame them for it. We have all had or have jobs where this happens. I believe this sort of set up also creates a society of procrastinators and people lacking motivation, among other issues.

This is partly the reason why companies, such as Google and Facebook, are moving into a different kind of work approach. As long as the work is done and there are results, employees can have flexible schedules and they can also choose to work from home office/remote location.

Below, I want to share a great article which provides some great input about benefits of shorter working hours and remembering to live your life!

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