The magic of lists

I am a huge fan of lists. I have lists for daily tasks, short term and long term goals, list of ways to continue my education, list of dreams, etc. Benefits of creating lists:

  • declutter your mind-you put it all on paper and out of your mind
  • help you stay organized
  • make you more productive
  • keep you accountable
  • rewarding-feels great when you cross off things off your list and you want to keep doing it
  • reduce stress and anxiety-you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do something
  • help you plan and reach your goals
  • keep you motivated-you are more likely to do something if you write it down (writing it down is half the work)
  • keep you motivated to keep achieving and accomplishing your goals

The more busy we get at work or in life, the harder it is to stay organized. Lists help you stay on track with your daily activities, as well as help you create a vision for your future by writing down short and long term goals. The key with short and long term goals and dreams is to keep looking at them every day/week which works best. Keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goals and your destination.

If you are not using lists, give it a try now. Start with list of things to do for the day, the week, and the month. Write down your long term goals and keep them somewhere where you can always see them (on a fridge or your desk for example). I guarantee you will find it useful and you will be more successful as a result.

Recommended book: Listful Thinking by Paula Rizzo.

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