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What’s your legacy?

We are so busy living our lives, we often forget to stop and ask ourselves: What is the legacy I want to leave behind? What do I want people to remember about me? ┬áThese are questions we should ask ourselves from time to time. The more we check in with ourselves, the more in touch we will be with our goals and the ultimate legacy we wish to leave behind. Look at the big picture. Don’t let small challenges along the way stop you from achieving your ultimate dream. I see many people taking jobs purely because it pays well, even when it has nothing to do with their life goals. If possible, it might be better to take a job with a smaller paycheck but higher future rewards, especially if this job will aid you in living out your legacy. If you are going for a job purely for financial gain, you are likely to end up stressed and unhappy, because money tends to take your focus off the really important goals in your life. Don’t go after the money, go after your dreams and life goals. Money will come and I truly believe that. The more you put out in this world from a pure heart and positive intentions, the more you will get back. I know many people who are very wealthy and they are extremely miserable because money took over their lives and they lost touch with what is important-such as family, health, and overall well being-and now they are wondering how to make things right again. Don’t fall into that trap. You cannot take money with you; instead, think of what you will leave behind for others to remember you by.

What is your legacy?